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                Takam has been one of the leading manufactures in producing CNC Machinery and also one of the first leaders to start export of CNC machinery to other international countries such as Germany, USA, Italy, Thailand, Russia, Turkey and many more other countries.

                Takam is also proud OEM manufactures for many leading CNC Machinery brands in the industry in the European countries and the United States.

                With SGS CE standard certification and also the standard of ISO 9001. We are a company that withhold high standards and goals for ourselves.


                Phone : +(86) 0592-7362548; Customer Service : + (86) 400-703-2277; Fax : 0592-7362540; Address : 260 Tongji North St, Xiamen, Fujian, China; Sales Email: info@takam.com.cn; Service Email : service@takam.com.cn; Website : www.takam.com

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