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                Product Details

                CNC Vertical Machine Center Factory

                DBM - Series 

                Since 1989, Takam machinery has been providing solutions to every industrial need

                                                                              With larger and faster-moving machines that currently are in high demand. Takam 

                                                                              once again provide a soltuion to the problem. Introducing the DBM-Series the moving 

                                                                              column machine center,  this machine was  created for the high speed machining 

                                                                              requirements and needs that many top leading companies look for in a machine. 

                CNC Machine Center for sale


                 High Strength Z & Y Construction 

                Y-Axis was designed with two linear guide ways

                and one box way to create a triple strength 

                construction, which gives the machine high 

                accuracy, and proved a stable surface for high 

                speed travel. 




                 High Accuracy Heavy Duty Ball Screw


                The DBM-Series high speed gantry type double 

                column machining center was designed with 

                heavy duty ball screw ranging from 50 mm 

                to 80 mm in diameter. 

                CNC Machinery
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                Subject : Bridge type machine DBM-3020


                Phone : +(86) 0592-7362548; Customer Service : + (86) 400-703-2277; Fax : 0592-7362540; Address : 260 Tongji North St, Xiamen, Fujian, China; Sales Email: info@takam.com.cn; Service Email : service@takam.com.cn; Website : www.takam.com

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