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                CNC vertical machine center TE-1270

                The TE-1270’s supper wide base design provides great balance of the machine and opens up to create a platform capable of supporting up to 1000kg. With high-end servomotors that are directly connected to the ball screw not one single ounce of power is during transmission. It performs in mold production with innovative design and cutting-edge technologies make it also very suitable for parts production.

                CNC vertical machine center


                Phone : +(86) 0592-7362548; Customer Service : + (86) 400-703-2277; Fax : 0592-7362540; Address : 260 Tongji North St, Xiamen, Fujian, China; Sales Email: info@takam.com.cn; Service Email : service@takam.com.cn; Website : www.takam.com

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